by Utter Contempt

Having pulled off the greatest looting operation in the history of the world, the most debauched ruling class in history has the sublime audacity to stage a spectacle of mass moral opprobrium against the very people they just robbed. There’s no question about it: BLM and antifa are revolution from above. The alt-right is the only thought-trend that sees this for what it is, so it’s sad to see the alt-right braintrust—NPI and TRS, essentially—disparage the kinds of hard-working white Americans they claim to speak for.

The present unrest came in right on cue as a distraction from the rumblings of real dissent—in an otherwise excellent podcast on the riots and their utility for the oligarchy, FTN manages to miss this. Somewhere down the memory hole, white, working class protesters in Michigan staged an armed takeover of their state capitol and drove the governor there into hiding before dispersing on their own terms, in orderly fashion (which arguably sends a more chilling message than feral looting.) They didn’t apply for a permit or get mobbed by antifa, and the predictable accusations against them (racism) fizzled because they weren’t credible. Their counterparts in Kentucky hanged that state’s insufferable little RFK-ricature governor in effigy. These protests demonstrated the latent power of the white working class—sub-literate and diabetic though they may be—to expose tyrants as lilliputians. The intelligentsia’s hysterical reaction proves this.

But if tyranny doesn’t bother you in principle—if your only issue with tyranny is who gets to use it—then the deep instincts of the white working class in Michigan don’t fucking matter, at all. That’s why all through the spring, TRS (as usual) was counter-signaling boomers, III%ers, LOLberts, “conspiracy-theorists,” etc. They downplayed the urgency of the anti-lockdown protests despite the economic ruination unfolding all over the country—which is primarily impacting white people—and the intelligentsia’s explicitly anti-white reaction to those protests. Just like Bill Maher and Patton Oswald, they disparaged the protesters as morons, and mocked their objections to arbitrary, dehumanizing regulations. NPI’s takes were no less dismissive. It must be nice to be so smart.

My deepest condolences go out to NPI and TRS over the fact that the white working class is not the edgy vanguard they’d like it to be. But do you know who is? BLM. Richard Spencer is on Twitter this week praising a local Seattle rapper—who apparently took over that city’s downtown “autonomous zone” Lord of the Flies-style from the antifa LARPers who established it—as an accelerationist visionary:

I realize this is intended to be the sort of crypto-based morsel you lob at liberals to short their circuits, e.g., “America’s not a country, it’s just a business,” and the whole class nods affirmingly without realizing you’re a fascist. But while it isn’t serious, it’s not ironic either. Spencer is essentially attaching his frustrations with white people to a “real man.” But even if he’s right that the white world must be brought to its knees before attitudes start to change, what’s the point of the alt-right if you’re going to fake-ironically kiss some rapper’s ass? Forget lawsuits and tiki torches. The alt-right should exist to anticipate and defend against precisely this kind of jungle justice when it steps in to fill the power vacuum of post-America. But the people who are prepared to do that are the flag-draped, IQ-ceilinged white working class who took over the Michigan capitol building back in April—not big twitter brains and edgy podcasters. It’s an ex-IDF half-Heeb (me) pulling a 9 in the face of a norteño carjacker before he can make off with my laced-curtain Irish bugman neighbor’s Jeep Cherokee. In this manner white Americans already have a de-facto ethnostate capable of defending against the madness in Seattle—it’s called Snohomish, and Lynchburg, and a thousand places in between.

Every conservative value—“hard work,” “good schools,” “objectivity,” etc.—is implicitly white. When Tucker Carlson says that “those who remember what America used to be like might think they’re going crazy” after seeing the riots, he’s ignoring the fact that civility and functionality—“what America used to be like”—was a feature of white cultural dominance. There is no other demographic that is going to buy into that vision quite like whites do, no matter how civil or functional or preferable for everyone in material terms. But the fact that white fly-over America has no comprehension of the depth of this divide is not a reason for WN alt-media to mock them and cheer their destruction.

98 years ago Lothrop Stoddard predicted Richard Spencer

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