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by Colin Liddell

The Right is, by almost any measure, ideologically weaker than the Left. There is wide agreement about this. It is only the theories of why that vary. 

Three theories for the hegemony of the Left that spring to mind are:

(1) The Left is simply more Machiavellian than the Right. This means that the Right will try to meet its own standards and achieve intellectual and moral consistency, whereas the Left simply won’t bother. In Orwellian terms they are comfortable with Doublethink and contradiction, while the Right is not.

(2) The Left looks to the future; the Right is past-orientated. While the Left pushes for “change” the Right follows along in its footsteps, merely attempting to slow down the speed, but never capable of changing the direction. The Left is the locomotive; the Right is the caboose.

(3) The Left tends to align with dominant economic interests. Women in the workplace and mass immigration is simply what the short-term greed of the elites decree, and the Left are their "useful idiots."

There is obviously some truth in all of these, but I would also like to propose a fourth theory, namely that the Right is dragged down by carrying too much pointless philosophical luggage. Meanwhile the Left tends to be relatively unencumbered and therefore nimbler. 

The problem of the Right, in other words, is that it tends to be full of extraneous elements.

Almost every Rightist feels obliged to base his right-wing views on some abstruse philosophical basis, something that presents him as a "higher intellect" or "spiritual being." In other words, it is a form of social signalling – and a rather pointless one when you are part of a dying society partially destroyed by your attempt to socially signal in it.

Recently we have seen the rise of a Promethean tendency in the Dissident Right, which may or may not be a reworking of the earlier Nietzschean tendency. Then there is also Duginism and Heideggerianism, of which the less said the better, Trad Catholicism, and of course Evolian traditionalism, Spenglerism, and a lot of other nonsense imported from various Eastern mysticisms. 

But contrast all this over-intellectualized garbage with what the average Right Winger actually wants, which, in its essence, is relatively simple and obvious. We tend to want a nation with clear borders and a clear identity that we can feel comfortable belonging to. As part of this we also want a society that rewards excellence and protects the genetic and demographic health of the group. Non-suicidal fertility rates are part of this. The whole thing could probably be boiled down to a simple formula: >2.1 average fertility.

It really is not rocket science, and it is not in the least abstract or convoluted. Yet Right Wingers have a disturbing tendency to refract such simple aims and goals through some sort of obfuscating esotericism. This not only makes it harder to defeat our nimble and relatively unencumbered Leftist opponents, but also maximises infighting on our own side. 

There is nothing wrong with Prometheanism, Nietzscheanism, Trad Catholicism, Spenglerism, or even Heideggerianism, as long as they are demoted to what they really are – quaint hobbies and arcane interests, and not front-line features of an ideology. 

The oxygen of ideology should not be consumed in the kind of arid debates and semantic squabbles that these extraneous elements produce. In order to defeat the Left, the Right has to throw away its surplus junk and misshapen mental furniture, and instead focus on its obvious goals and the simple mechanisms that can achieve them.

The Right is its own jailer

Colin Liddell is the Chief Editor of Affirmative Right and the author of Interviews & Obituaries, a collection of encounters with the dead and the famous. Support his work by buying it here. He is also featured in Arktos's collection A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders.

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