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"Stop reading this. It's racisisisisist..."
by Colin Liddell

It's finally here: the concept you need to stop them whipping you into submission and extinction with the dreaded R-word. Read on...

The entire global system of corporate capital is based on one magic little word: "racism." This is where the true strength of the R-word comes from. By "racism" I don't mean anything you do, I simply mean what they accuse you of when you are deemed to be a "bad person." To make this distinction clear, I will call the system's reliance on the R-word to enforce its globalism by the term "racism-ISM."

So, let's look at why "racism-ISM" is so important in the age in which we live and how it is made so powerful. 

Firstly, without racism-ISM people would naturally develop in a more collective and nationalist way. In many cases, this would be along racial, cultural, and even class lines. They would be correspondingly less open to globalism, universalism, and internationalism. Borders, national states, and traditional identities would become important again. 

It is easy to see how this would cause immediate problems for global corporate capitalism. Once states opt out of globalism they restrict the flow of labour through limits on immigration. This in turn also highlights the demographic emergency that mass immigration hides. Most of the West is effectively depopulating at a rate of 25% per generation, but this is hidden by mass immigration. Revealing this would inevitably lead to pro-natalist policies, which would severely limit the flow of female labour into the global marketplace. Along with immigration restriction this would force Capital to pay much higher wages.

But the global availability of labour is not the only thing effected. Once societies assert national identities, this also leads to direct barriers to capital, which can no longer freely move around the World in search of profits. When societies are nationalised, labour is nationalised, and then capital is nationalised. (Of course, by "nationalised" I do not mean state-controlled in the sense of "socialised," which is how the word is often understood, especially in a British context. I mean that capital has to work within the dominant political system rather than reducing that political system to its own level of non-human or anti-human abstraction.)

I hope it is now obvious why the R-word is deployed so frequently in our present age, a period that is dominated by global capitalism, and why racism-ISM is its core ideology.

So, next, why is the R-word so powerful? This is an apparently difficult question because sane people argue that the word is empty and devoid of true meaning, yet at the same time it seems to have so much power.  This is the paradox of racism-ISM. But the lack of meaning is a design feature, not a bug, as we shall soon see.

A good way to demonstrate the absurdity of racism-ISM is to compare and contrast it with a scaled down version based on the family. The whole world goes hysterical because someone is "racist" but everybody is "familyist" and nobody loses their mind. Also, try scaling it up. Say,  "I am a humanist." Nobody froths at the mouth, accusing you of trying to gas all the gorillas and deport the sea anemones to another planet. 

But we are still left with the enormous power of the R-word. So, where does it come from? The answer is from exactly the same place that made "witch" such a potent denunciation in 16th and 17th century Europe, or "infidel" and "kufar" in Muslim countries. 

The words "racist" and "global capitalism" input into Google's Ngram viewer

From time to time societies decide on a term that supposedly denotes "absolute evil." Then, all the organs of the culture are invested in perpetuating that association.

Modern societies are even more effective at this, employing a whole host of psychological trickery—Pavlovian conditioning, Wolpean desensitization and aversion therapy, Skinnerist negative reinforcement, and Bandurian modelling, to name a few—designed to get people to see whichever set of the Emperor's New Clothes a particular elite group wants them to see. 

The Soviet Union employed these tricks against the "kulak" and the "bourgeoisie"; Nazi Germany against "the Jew"; Post-War America against the "commie." Now our fake democratic societies, which are dominated by globalist elites, employ the exact same array of techniques to associate "absolute evil" with "racism." 

Those historical demonisations usually strengthened the power structure in those societies. The key for all those elites was to create an ill-defined, non-falsifiable term that could be used indiscriminately on anyone who challenged the power system. Being called a "racist" by today's racist-IST globalists simply means that you are an opponent of today's elites, with their excessive and toxic power. The fact that their power is toxic and self-destructive also means that you are on the winning side.


Colin Liddell is the Chief Editor of Affirmative Right and the author of Interviews & Obituaries, a collection of encounters with the dead and the famous. Support his work by buying it here. He is also featured in Arktos's collection A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders.


  1. I think the manufacturing shift to China came about because of necessity in a competitive market and nothing more sinister than that. If a company wanted to survive it had no choice but follow its competitors who would otherwise undercut them. Subsequently, prices for high-unskilled-labor-cost goods became much cheaper in the West. Like clothing. In order to prevent this from happening governments would have had to implement a global ban on such activity; which is impossible, and probably not desirable. Unfortunately, the losers were going to be relatively unskilled western workers; and now even STEM people. There's no way out because of the huge disparities in wages (and upward mobility) between the West and the Rest of the World (ROW).

    And the continuing influx of cheap labor into the West is probably fueled by a kind of nihilism and class warfare on the one hand and on the other the realization by ROW that they have no hope of improving their lives by staying where they're at.

    It is paradoxical that the US and West in general are hellbent on promoting "democracy" everywhere else while simultaneously becoming more totalitarian themselves.

    Another interesting graphic, Colin. Thanks.

    1. Please look into the concept of "tariffs" and other such tools of government. You've got mental blinders on or a fear of change and other paths of history that don't let you see all the options available considering your hyperbolic and bizarre claim that an impossible "global ban" was the only alternative. Which of course smells of yet more of the "globalist" trap in thought - that we need some magical big daddy globalist entity above the nation to fix all the problems for us.

      Everything that has happened was avoidable and managable at the national level if there was governance that cared to act.

      Creative minds with good intent can solve problems elegantly. It requires an open mind and to dump the fear and shackles you've had heaped on you since birth to keep you in place and on the path set out for you. Nothing will change until we gradually get governance with creative minds, good intent and competence and a system or people who value that highly to keep them on the right track.


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