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Surviving the censorcaust?
by Colin Liddell

There are many patterns for surviving the "nuclear winter" of deplatforming and censorship that is currently sweeping the West. The common rule however is that everyone in the Dissident Right will have to operate at a much lower level than before, while many will also have to take a considerable pay cut.

The leading site on the Dissident Right in terms of traffic, intellectual heft, and consistency is probably Counter-Currents. This is because sites like the (((Daily Stormer))) and (((The Right Stuff))), as we have long argued here, are highly suspect and are probably Deep-State-run operations that succeeded in associating the Alt-Right with genocidal Naziism, thus sabotaging a potent critique that the elites truly feared. 

One reason that the Alt-Right fell into such an obvious trap was because of its "useful idiots." These included key players in what was once the more intellectual and "respectable" side of the Alt-Right, such as Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson (to name just two).

Back in 2015, people like this were more than happy to go along with the Nazi schtick of TRS and the Stormer, even though there was clear evidence that these operations were not even genuine Nazi operations, but instead Hollywood Nazi operations run by actual Jews, LOL. They were also clearly designed to self-destruct the Alt-Right and push down the wider Dissident Right. Very few people saw these dangers, although I can claim to have been particularly prescient, giving a series of Cassandra-like warnings from as early as 2011.

Comic book Neo-Naziism appeals to two kinds of people, especially in America. These two groups are what I call "sub-masculines" and "sub-whites." It does not matter how intelligent and logical a person is. Being "less than White" (partly Hispanic, say, or mixed race, or possibly Jewish) or "less than masculine" (gay, bi, or closeted, etc.) creates a set of "psychological inclines" that makes the exaggerated hyper-Whiteness and hyper-masculinity of Nazi mythology psychologically compelling.

Nick is strong. Nick can resist.
Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer are both intellects of extremely high quality, but both are unfortunately "sub-masculines" with a blind spot for the Third Reich that has to be considered psycho-sexual in its essence. I have seen this pattern—along with the "sub-white" variety—repeated again and again throughout the Alt and Dissident Right, although some of those affected have resisted the pull to extreme Nazitardery better than others.

Now let's consider Counter-Currents in more detail. I suspect most of its readers and even a large proportion of its donors are just straight White men who are genuinely concerned for the future of the West and the demographics of the White race. But, make no mistake about it, the Counter-Currrents "collective" is in its essence a "gay Nazi" club. Maybe not everyone who writes for it is gay or a Nazior should I say openly gay and openly Nazibut, from what I see, the dominant personalities as well as a critical mass of the people associated with it are. 

For example, a recent podcast featured the following personalities:
This is the first episode of a new format for Counter-Currents Radio, with a roundtable of Greg Johnson, Millennial Woes, Frodi Midjord, and Karl Thorburn discussing viewer questions and current events. Future episodes will feature a variety of guests speakers joining the regular panel. Topics discussed include...
Of this group, three are known to be gay and the soft-spoken Frodi Midjord gives off a distinctly "sub-masculine" vibe too. Also Counter-Currents new top writer, Jim Goad is not entirely straight, let's say. 

Nothing of what I write here is to denounce homosexual or "sub-masculine" involvement in nationalism. I have throughout my time in the Dissident Right advocated a generally tolerant attitude towards the gays. Back in 2017, I gave Maureen O'Hara of New York Magazine the following quote, which I still largely stand by:
“I think gays can be particularly useful to the alt-right,” Alternative Right editor Colin Liddell told me. “Our movement is a revolutionary and taboo-busting movement, and gays have the right ‘psychological equipment’ for that. And, because of their lack of immediate family, gays often have a stronger feeling for their ‘wider family.’ The left has successfully displaced this sentiment to the fake ‘gay community’ or to leftist causes in general, but the true wider family for gays is their particular tribal or ethnic group.”
So, no this is not an anti-gay diatribe, but instead a simple act of taking notice of the connection between a certain type of homosexual man and an unhealthy fascination with Naziism. The authors of The Pink Swastika detailed something similar in the original Nazi movement. 

Johnson's infatuation with the Third Reich—and his connected anti-Semitism—is well known, but less well known is that of Millennial Woes and Frodi Midjord, but it is definitely there as detailed in this piece and this piece.

Hidden in plain sight.
That recent "gay Nazi" podcast also made the announcement that Counter-Currents would be switching to paywall, asking its readers to cough up membership fees to read "prime" CC content, including all articles by the doyen himself, Greg Johnson.

The Alt-Right, which once had the potential to become a mass movement or at least the intellectual vanguard of a mass movement, is now little more than a "naughty boys" club, totally irrelevant politically and totally impotent ideologically. As I have explained elsewhere, the last person who can effectively critique, say, Jewish power, is an actual Nazi because everything they say is just pure feelz.

So, why would anyone want to pay money to be associated with something like the new Counter-Currents? The only reason would be sheer naive ignorance of what Counter-Currents actually is or else a desire to become a member of a spicy little club. With that kind of extraneous appeal, this may prove to be a very effective way for a certain kind of "dead-on-arrival" Alt-Right message to survive the Nuclear Winter of deplatforming and censorship of anything to the Right of the GOP. We shall see. 

So much of what the Alt-Right once did—and occasionally still does—is metapolitical masturbation. Now it seems that Counter-Currents is little more than a "members only" fascist fetish club for gay middle-aged men, attempting to spice up their declining years and fading charms. Real nationalists should avoid it like the plague.


Colin Liddell is the Chief Editor of Affirmative Right and the author of Interviews & Obituaries, a collection of encounters with the dead and the famous. Support his work by buying it here. He is also featured in Arktos's collection A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders.


  1. Colin, another problem with Greg Johnson and the others you mention is that because they go off the deep end on Jewish issues, they instantly ruin any legitimate, sensible discussion of the Jewish question, criticism of Jewish power and influence (Jewish overrepresenation in the elite levels of society and liberal movements). I've always thought Dr. Kevin MacDonald offers such a respectful critique. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the people he associates with. That said, I'm against censorship, especially the censorship we have been seeing lately. However, how one conducts himself or herself online and in real life has consequences.

    1. Exactly. Any critique of Jewish power has to come from a place of love and understanding, not from some homosexual fetish about blond Hitlerjugend and death camps.

    2. Thank you, "Unknown" for proving my point exactly.

  2. Counter Current is an counter intel front, probably for DHS (Homeland Security. I don't think any indie book company without a mass market best seller can pay its employees to live in high-rent cities such as San Fran? And yes, putting homosexuals in charge is another hallmark of today's politically correct Deep State. Someone needs to challenge these phonies like Greg Johnson for a live debate about their Deep State connections.

  3. Homosexuals would have to give up the sodomy. It's a destructive form of addiction like drug addiction that steers them in unwholesome directions.


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