Not a meme
by Daniel Barge

Look at this picture. What do you see? A girl crying about something. Oh yes, her sister just died. In fact, you can see her mangled corpse at the bottom of the picture. Sad, isn't it?

The story, which is relatively well documented here, is that on September 13, 1939, German bombers attacked an area of Warsaw, forcing this girl's family to flee. Unfortunately she and her sister stopped along the way to pick up a few potatoes, whereupon they were machine-gunned by low flying German planes. 

This kind of bad stuff happens all the time in war, and will keep happening again and again, as long as we have wars, so no need to get too emotional about it. But the key point is that this invasion of Poland, a White country, was the direct cause of the war that was then waged against Germany, a war that the Germans then did everything to expand, as it seemed to be going so well.

In fact, Poland was the third country to be invaded by the Nazis, and the first one where they faced opposition. Austria had been seized in 1938 and Czechoslovakia in early 1939. In 1940, several other peaceful nations were invaded (Denmark, Norway, Holland, and Belgium), and the same again in 1941 (Yugoslavia and Greece). The Soviet Union was also invaded in 1941, but that was hardly a peaceful country, having invaded several of its peaceful neighbours just like the Nazis. 

This is all well-known history and the morality of it is clear -- Germany was an aggressor and the war that was then waged on Germany, which killed lots of other little innocents, was squarely the fault of Germany and its rulers. 

But how does the Alt-Right see the war? Here is a typical Alt-Right meme of the kind that you see pretty frequently on the internet:

Yes, two historically unrelated pictures are juxtaposed and you are invited to buy into a retarded theory that the war against Germany had absolutely nothing to do with Hitler's massive arms build up and his invasion of NINE peaceful White countries. Instead it was all carried out merely to bring angry mobs of Africans into the West. 

These kind of shit memes are like catnip to the idiots in the Rump Alt-Right. They can't resist them, no matter how historically illiterate they are, because they are psychologically predisposed to believe in them. What makes this even more pathetic is that (a) pushing this crap is totally ineffective at its declared goal, and (b) some of the leaders of the movement know it is ineffective and false but condone it nonetheless because it has short term benefits for them personally, even though it damns their movement to irrelevance and impotence.

Supposedly, memes like this are designed to "red-pill the normies" and "open" their eyes to a supposed web of nefarious Jewish control. The fact is, however, that whatever arcane evidence they can scratch together to back up this theory runs up against the one simple fact that it was Hitler who aggressively crossed the borders of NINE innocent White countries, not a gang of Jewish cabalists; and, when you do that much bombing and invading, people naturally bomb and invade you back.

Everybody understands this, which is why it is the established historical narrative. 

But why are there Black gangs in European cities in 2021? Not really connected to the outbreak of WWII, but one obvious reason is that Hitler and the idiots who have continued to worship him since he blew his brains out (or fled to Brazil) have dragged nationalism in the mud and shit ever since. 

More troubling than this, however, is that many serious nationalists don't take the creeping association of nationalism with the Nazis seriously enough. This is especially true in America and, through its influence, in the rest of the Anglosphere. In fact, like others on this site, I would say that this is the main weak point of nationalism and right-wing politics going forward.


  1. Good points, but it isn't fair to blame ww2 squarely on Germany, there were many factors involved, technically, Japan started ww2. And the treatment of Germany post ww1 made a figure like Hitler inevitable. Also the Soviet Union was planning on invading Germany, that Germany attached first was purely a result of chance, as the Soviet Union had decided to put their own invasion on hold, due to the flight of Rudolph Hess, which made Stalin think that Germany and UK were working together.

  2. DS:

    Hitler to amass the largest military operation (over 3 million) as an alleged, "pre-emptive" strike sure was quick... The numbers themselves don't support such ridiculous theories. Its why those advocating such never explain what Stalin would have gained. While no intentions to invade Germany have ever been inferred, whilst Hitler had open intentions since Lenin's death in 1924.

    What "treatment of Germany post WW1" are you referring too? The usual short-lived hyperinflation of 1922-23, I guess that people jump over straight into 1929? Missing the 1924-28 "Golden Age" of the Weimar Republic that produced a stronger economy that Hitler's Third Reich even struggled to reach its 1927 peak. All without rearmement spending, removing women and the Jews from employment figures, and threats of sending layabouts to the concentration camps before 1935 and pushing people into the military. Such a backward economy.

    Its no wonder why Hitler stopped publishing the Reich budgets in 1934 to hide his armament spending so that the German population throughout 1934-45 knew nothing of the states fiscal policies. Hitler did this after making himself tax-exempt through the same periods having been fined by the German tax office 400,000 marks on his then 1.2 million annual income.

    According to you, Hitler amassing 3+ million persons was "purely a result of chance" where are you buying your propaganda from?


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