This one slipped through our fingers. Sorry, SPLC.

Dylann Roof, the young man who shot and killed nine relatively decent Black people in a Charleston church, used a gun (obviously) and was motivated by White nationalism (apparently).

Because of this there will be talk of banning guns and clamping down on White nationalism.

But banning guns in America is simply not doable. This is because gun ownership is embedded in American culture and society, and the continuing threat from the criminal classes will mean that White Americans will continue to support it.

In fact, because of recent political pressure on police to not shoot dangerous Blacks, thanks to the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, support for gun ownership among Whites is only likely to rise. In addition, there are also strong economic interests that support gun ownership, which naturally translates into significant media support.

Clamping down on White nationalism will also be hard as White nationalism is already as culturally suppressed as it can be. They could try "hate speech" and "crime think" laws, like they have in Europe, but even this would be ineffective from their point of view.

But even in the face of such oppression, terminology can be easily changed and moderated, then once it is, it has ever greater potential to spread through the public consciousness. The experience of Europe, where nationalist-lite parties are on the verge of power in many countries supports this.

Also, taking down the small number of blogs and on-line discussion groups where heretical WNs gather, and banning them from social media, will remove the only places these people can vent or sublimate their aggression into profanity, humour, and, more importantly, intellectual and political development.

Whenever some young White kid picks up a gun and blows away some PoCs in a racially motivated way, you can be sure that, along with skipping his Xanax, he simply hasn’t been online enough reading informative content, developing a greater understanding of the problem, and exchanging thoughts with people who share his concerns.

In this way, sites like ours, and many others in the Dissident Right, all provide an invaluable service to the establishment by giving young, enraged White men a non-violent way to cope with their displacement and marginalization – and to not feel alone.

Through the Affirmative-Right, the kind of spiritual energy, courage, dedication, and sacrifice that would otherwise be wasted in countless and pointless lone wolf attacks, can be focused in positive directions to work out and promote the reality-based solutions that our societies will eventually turn to when their present lies and illusions crumble to dust at their feet.

When that day dawns the Affirmative Right will be in a position to save even more lives than it is doing now.

The alternative to the Affirmative right.

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