About to blow?

America used to be known as "The Land of the Free." After recent weeks, and the total dominance of the news narrative by the transgenderism of Bruce Jenner and the transracialism of Rachel Dolezal, this may have to be amended to "The Land of the Freak," although the freakery is at least partly the result of the freedom.

But just how significant are these recent cases and their attendant phenomena?

The pessimist or frequent internet user may see this as a sure sign of decadence and impending doom, with visions of the fall of Rome or Babylon swimming about his head. One may even imagine "trans-ing" spreading like some contagious disease, with each outbreak encouraging similar creatures elsewhere to shuffle out of the shadows – an Ebola of the soul.

There is already the phenomenon of "gender fluidity," in which some people claim to identify as "male" one day and "female" the next – and then it gets complicated.

Christopher Lee, pioneer
of transracialism, apparently.
Won’t this also spread to race, with people identifying as Black in the morning, Hispanic at lunchtime, and White in time for dinner? Then, what if they start getting into trans-ethnicism – a very slippery slope! I may already be guilty of this myself. On a good day, when I’m being particularly efficient, I get the spooky feeling that I may actually be German, but when it comes to tipping, my inner Jew comes to the fore.

And what about the majority of White Americans, most of whom are "mutts," mixtures of different European ethnicities, each one with its own distinct identity and perceived behaviour patterns? The potential for transethnicism is enormous.

To those in thrall to the clickbait sites that now dominate the media narrative, it must seem as if identity in America is tottering on the brink of dissolving entirely or becoming little more than a commodity in a supermarket or an avatar choice in a video game.

Change your toothpaste on Monday, your hair colour on Tuesday, your nationality on Wednesday, your gender on Thursday, and on Friday meet yourself coming the other way. Then what about transpecieism? Or even better transagism? After all, age is a significant part of anyone’s identity and it is so limiting to have to always act one’s age.

Evil Rachelist.
But is any of this identity dissolution likely to actually happen outside some tiny zero-point percentage of freaks?

Even there it often depends on utility and benefits. Jenner may very well be more comfortable pretending to be a woman, but how many men actually want to go to that length – or lack of length – and how many of those actually become happy, well adjusted individuals  afterwards?

He may also be enjoying once again the caresses of the limelight and being the centre of attention. Non-celebrities are unlikely to enjoy that benefit.

Rachel Dolezal also seems to have enjoyed some psychological and financial benefit. She has gained several sinecure positions and managed to promote her oh-so-poignant art on the back of her ersatz identity. This is something that SJWs, if they ever come to their senses, must hate her for, because she is a one-woman refutation of the idea of "White Privilege," which can best be described as the homeopathic dilution of actual racism.

But there are limits to this kind of thing. Real Blacks have always been wary of lighter skinned mulattoes. Even Obama had a hard time being accepted by them until the contrast effect kicked in. And even though Al Sharpton has come out in support of Dolezal "choosing" to be Black, this sentiment is unlikely to be shared by run-of-the-mill Blacks – I fully expect to see Dolezal in the near future having her "weaves" pulled out by one of her "sistas" in one of those "sheboon" fights that frequently pop up on Worldstarhiphop.

What we are seeing here in these cases is by now a very old and jaded trick. Progressives, in order to push their unnatural agendas of "normalizing" homosexuality and inverting healthy White racism, have relied on provoking outrage and have then fed off it. They do this by channelling it back into the intellectual and cultural matrix of the West, which most people still use to define their moral universe. This is an unholy amalgam of Christian or Post-Christian guilt/humility and a pugnacious belief in individual freedom as an absolute – a distorted, toxic value that was shaped by the need to fend of the threat of Communist tyranny during the four decades of the Cold War, rather in the same way that nuclear missiles, poison gas, and biological weapons were required, but which now merely exists as a poison in our civilization.

Another week, another freak.
Each freak, reprobate, and abomination that progressives have hoisted into the public consciousness over the last few decades, starting with Rodney King, has provoked this same trajectory – natural revulsion from normal people, quickly followed by a sense of guilt at being "unkind" and "intolerant," followed by the concession of "freedom" as a compromise solution and way of making the problem "just go away." Call it mental White Flight. This is the fertile ground on which Cultural Marxism has been marching for the last few decades.

But this process, like the proverbial shark, must forever swim forward to survive, and seek out ever more outlandish freakery to cause outrage and feed upon. If it does not, the pendulum is poised to swing the other way.

Social media – and the mainstream media which slavishly trails behind it – has a tendency to gorge on freakery, but freakery has always been parasitic on normalcy. Once there is too much of it, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. After the bloating the purging looms. Collectively, as a culture and civilization, we have at least twenty years of vomit backed up, waiting to be unleashed. When that erupts, you may very well have a dead shark on your hands.

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