The phrase "Death from above" has just taken on a whole new meaning, after it was announced that an abortion-facilitating NGO plans to use drones to deliver abortion pills to women in Poland who wish to "terminate their pregnancies" (Orwellian Newspeak for "murder their unborn children").

Motivated by its Catholic faith, Poland is one of the few White countries that still clings to reasonable restrictions on flushing embryonic human life down a toilet, a conservative position that the pro-abortion forces of the EU and the international West seem intent on chipping away at with every weapon in their arsenal. 

The organization planning the drone flights, Women on Waves is led by Rebecca Gomperts, a Dutch doctor, reputedly of Jewish background. The group's name comes from its method of circumventing anti-abortion laws by providing abortions on ships moored in international waters. 

While taking abortion pills in Poland is illegal, there are loopholes in the law that make it possible to legally deliver them via drones. The Independent:
"Normally the company sends the pills by post, after women have placed their orders online, but this is the first time it has used the unorthodox method of delivery by drone.

The drugs, scheduled for delivery on June 27, are mifepristone and misoprostol and the group said they can be taken without medical supervision for pregnancies of less than nine weeks.

Rebecca Gomperts, founder and director of Women on Waves, said the current laws in Poland are a 'violation of women's rights' Women on Waves also said since the drone will not be flying through controlled air space and weighs less than 5kg, it does not require authorisation from the Polish or the German government."

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