by Dota

This video says it all. Somehow I’m not surprised to see these South Asians beginning to use their wealth to buy political clout; what’s shocking is their naked tribalism which they make not even a token attempt to conceal. Indians and Pakistanis both fundraising for Hillary Clinton, and somehow I doubt it’s because they support radical feminism.

It seems that multiculturalism and democracy are as immiscible as oil and water. Traditional Western democracies were governed by a healthy competition of ideologies, where ideologies are a universal interpretation of reality. As the U.S and Canada become inundated with hordes of third world immigrants, ideologies becomes less relevant as tribal interests begin to exert themselves at the expense of nationhood. Perhaps Jews are despised because they are simply better at this game than the other non-whites.

Notice how that Pakistani real estate tycoon at 1:38 has supported both Republicans and Democrats in the past. I doubt he cares much for ideologies and instead focuses mainly on furthering the tribal interests of Pakistanis. I’ll lay long odds that despite his heavy involvement in American politics, the average first year student of political science knows more political science theory than he does.

What is the difference between Pakistani Americans lobbying for aid packages for Pakistan and organized Jewry lobbying for aid to be directed to Israel?


Accusing these ethnic minorities of harbouring dual loyalties is both unfair and insulting. The accusation of dual loyalties implies that these people are at-least partially sympathetic to the interests of the nations that took them in and granted them citizenship, whereas I argue that their loyalties lie entirely with their countries of origin. As long as third world immigration continues at its current level, immigrants will never assimilate as they will maintain ties to their countries of origin. Whites in North America need to realize with great urgency that they risk becoming economically and politically dispossessed in the very countries that they founded and built through centuries of toil.

Originally published at Occidenta Invicta

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