Commander Shepard being a race traitor

Not too long ago, TRS had a rather awkward time answering the question of a half-black, half-white commenter about his relationship with a white girl. His question had been so triggering that it had caused long time TRS pokemon, Bulbausaur to ragequit the site, and abandon the rest of the Death Panel.

Now, the commenter’s question intrigued me, and I do think that the Death Panel could have done a better job of answering his question. So I decided to add some of my thoughts on what is probably a very old issue. I doubt I’ll say anything new about this subject, but it’s always important to update our perspectives on important, or at least controversial, topics whenever the opportunity presents itself. So hopefully everyone here will not be too critical of my views.

First of all, I’m going to put on record that on a personal/individual level, I am not really opposed to miscegenation, provided that it is born out of mutual respect and actual love, and provided that the marriage of the two parties doesn’t have any negative consequences for the society where the couple will reside and raise their children. Although this probably sounds naive, I do recognize that a certain percentage of mixed race relationships are rooted in actual intimacy, and I have no intention of opposing those.

However, just because I am more tolerant of miscegenation does not mean that I don’t respect the right of others to oppose it. If other people or groups of people wish to restrict exogamous relationships with outside racial/ethnic/cultural groups then I am willing to respect that. I don’t view interracial marriages as either inherently good or inherently evil. It’s just something that – historically – has always happened to a small percentage of most societies, and my views on this subject depends on the context, the consequences, and their effects on society.

For example, I am opposed to those forms of miscegenation which are explicitly predatory or exploitative in nature, such as sex-tourism, marriages-of-convenience designed to faciliate chain migration and good old-fashioned sexual predation of one tribe against another. On the other hand, I would accept (in my society anyway – the Philippines) the marriage between a Filipino or Filipina and a foreign person, provided that the marriage was contracted not out of expediency or exploitation. I know this sounds very naive, but since we are dealing with principles here, that is the principle that I wish to put forward with regard to my thoughts about miscegenation.

Miscegenation as mutual exploitation.
Aside from contextual considerations, I also recognize that marriage and procreation are among the most important cornerstones of any society. They connect the past to the future. They help to preserve social capital by maintaining a common culture through a common organic (ethnic) identity. And most importantly, they ensure clear lines of inheritance from one generation to the next. Miscegentation of any form disrupts all of these things, which in turn disrupts a society’s inherent sense of self.

Furthermore, there are also the biological consequences of miscegenation. The pairing of a Chinese man or woman marrying an African man or woman will likely result in children who look more like Africans than Chinese. Likewise, a white person marrying a non-white person of any background will likely result in offspring who look like the latter rather than the former. And of course, there’s also the case of IQ. These consequences are very real, and they must be understood in order to serve the best demographic interests of society.

On the other hand, I also recognize that people have been miscegenating since the dawn of human history, sometimes in peaceful ways and sometimes in very painful ways, and such behavior is not likely to end very soon. Any attempt to prevent it using a top-down absolutist approach will likely result in a backlash, which would render such measures less effective than originally intended.

Also, interaction of any kind between nations, groups and civilizations will inevitably lead to a certain level of mixing, simply due to statistical probability: a certain percentage of people in a particular group, regardless of their race or ethnicity, will engage in relationships with persons from other groups, if both groups interact. This is certainly the case for most countries in our present, globalized world. The only way I see to eliminate this behavior is by imposing some kind of hyper-isolationist policy, like Juche, which would not only require tremendous amounts of political repression, but also economic isolation. So any attempt to handle miscegenation must have its feasibility considered.

Because of these perspectives, I tend to see miscegenation as a social issue rather than as a moral imperative, and I think that the best way to handle it is through pragmatic management of the rate of miscegenation within a given society, which is to say I would simply regulate it or minimize it.

My first idea would be to simply put a cap on the number of marriages between natives and non-natives within a certain period. Basically, I would impose quotas, so that only the best and the brightest pairings would be able to marry. Not only would this keep the number of interracial/interethnic pairings manageable, it would also serve a eugenic function.

Another idea that I would implement is to eliminate all incentives for interracial marriage; for example, the possibility of chain migration or visa marriages. Not only would this measure eliminate exploitative behavior, it would also select for those couples who are truly dedicated to each other, as opposed to those just using each other as an expediency.

Example of a heavily subsidized mixed marriage.
Finally, instead of forbidding miscegenation, I think that it would be more feasible to simply subsidize same-race or same-ethnic marriages – basically promote pro-natalist policies. Mixed marriages would be excluded from this subsidy, thus increasing their costs without necessarily forbidding them. Not only would this help to indirectly increase the costs of interracial marriage, it would also improve the selection process.

My point in all of these ideas is for societies to encourage their people to love people of their own tribe/ethnicity/civilization without creating oppressive control mechanisms. I think that this is how we should approach miscegenation and related topics: through proactive rather than reactive policies.

All of these ideas are my own, and I would not recommend them if I wasn’t prepared to accept them for my country. So I will just end this brief essay with these thoughts:

Miscegenation is a potent phenomenon. If it were not, interracial porn would not exist, liberals would not seek to elevate it as some sort of virtue, it wouldn’t be part of contemporary Western pop-culture, and people wouldn’t react so strongly to it.

The feelings that people feel about miscegenation represent its symbolic power. Such pairings encapsulate a lot of social issues. However, a symbol is merely a symbol. What is really important is to look at the realities that cause such pairings to exist.

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  1. Never a truer sensible word spoken. Once a bloodline is broken. It's broken permanent.


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