Has the NAACP come full circle?

Liberals and Leftists claim that race is a social construct, but what they really mean is (a) race is not important and (b) it does not exist. The recent case of Rachel Dolezal, a White woman who has been pretending to be Black for years, gives the lie to this.

Race was certainly important to her, and more fundamentally it was her actual race – White – that no doubt gave her the relative intelligence vis-a-vis more authentic Black NAACP members to rise up in the organization to the point where her identity has now become an issue.

In a similar way, Race has always been important to the NAACP both as an affective condition and a determinant of executive ability. The name of the organization is telling, literally the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People. Wasn't this exactly what Dolezal was doing – colouring herself? In the same way, it is pertinent to point out that the NAACP has always been a lot less Black than it has pretended to be – especially in its anti-lynching, Jim-Crow-defying golden age.

Because it was created in the era of the White Man’s Burden, most of its early leaders were out-and-out Whites or Jews, but even after it became important for an organization predicated on the self-evidently flawed notion of racial equality to colour itself Black by having Black front men, most of these have been remarkably White:

Brainteaser: Can you guess which one of these "Black men" has not occupied the chief position at the NAACP? 
And remember, this is without going into all the Whites and Jews who continued to pull the strings from the shadows of the organization.

In recent years the NAACP has become a Blacker organization, with Blacks and Mulattoes now dominating most of the leadership and board positions. How can this be explained?

The history of the NAACP can be divided into two periods, the period in which it played an important role in securing full Civil Rights for Blacks/Mulattoes (in my view a mistake because Segregation was actually an optimum solution for Blacks/Mullattoes and Whites in America, in the same way that Apartheid was in South Africa), and its post-Civil-Rights period, in which the organization has no real function beyond “raising awareness” (WTF?) and hobnobbing with Hollywood.

The best proof that the organization has simply become a loose, spinning wheel is its promotion of something called “climate justice”:
"Global climate change has a disproportionate impact on communities of color in the United States and around the world. The NAACP Climate Justice Initiative was created to educate and mobilize communities to address this human and civil rights issue."
That'll keep the funds rolling in with absolutely no accountability for results!

As it has become an increasingly superfluous and parasitical organization, the involvement of Whites, Jews, and even "too White" mulattoes at the top level has noticeably tapered off – although they still keep a rabbi on board to make sure things don’t take an anti-Semitic turn at the fried chicken and watermelon parties.

Indeed the Blackification of the NAACP correlates rather well with just how redundant the organization is in a country that bends over backwards 24-7 to be nice to Blacks and Mulattoes.

Proud Black woman, Rachel Dolezal.
This is the real story behind the Rachel Dolezal case. In the past the NAACP had a mountain to climb – in my view the wrong mountain but a mountain nonetheless – so it needed talented, intelligent, and committed people, instead of just freeloaders. This naturally meant a disproportionate number of Whites and Jews with a few pale-skinned mulattoes to tick the Black identity box. As the organization became increasingly pointless, it became safe to allow it to transform into a social organization and gravy train with sinecure positions for mid-tier Blacks and Mulattoes.

Rachel Dolezal’s mistake was coming along sixty years too late. Back in the 1950s and 60s, when the NAACP had some of its mountain still to climb, Whites were needed, especially behind the scenes. They could join the organization and rise with their talents. No kinking of the hair or darkening of the skin was necessary. But now, with its pernicious historical mission complete, the NAACP merely exists as a kind of role playing game for Blacks and Mulattoes. Rachel Dolezal’s own little role playing game is an ironic echo of this.

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