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Are we approaching an "Emperor's
New Clothes" moment?
by Duns Scotus

"Racist", "Sexist", "Homophobe", "Transphobe", "Nazi", "White Supreeeemist", etc., are, as we all know in the Dissident Right, the language of control that portions of the White population of the West use against other portions of the White population of the West to maintain control and social power. 

Occasionally Non-Whites—usually weaponised by Whites of course—involve themselves in this power dynamic. But it is mainly a form of White-on-White violence, or tyranny, and like all such things it is deeply resented. 

But, unlike earlier tyrannies, it is not well understood. Invisible chains are, after all, the most effective ones.

But no tyranny can last indefinitely. Indeed, all tyrannies have to be constantly reinvented or rejigged, because, proportionate to their success, they all breed resistance, antithesis, and finally their own overthrow. So it will eventually be with Wokeism too, as well as its central "crime", "sin", or "taboo" that certain objectively valid generalisations and topics are somehow "evil".

In order to facilitate the death of this particular tyranny on the free opinions of mankind—because, yes, its negative effects ripple out over the whole of humankind—we have to start thinking concretely of how Wokeism will actually die.

This is not immediately clear because those who suffer most from this tyranny—certain groups of straight, male cisgender Whites—often misunderstand their oppression so badly that they end up simply reinforcing it.

"Dems/Leftists are the real racists" is a classic example.

Another failing strategy is to embrace whichever term is used to oppress you, along the lines of "Yes, I'm a racist/Nazi! So what?"

In both cases the subject just strengthens their own oppression; in the first example by agreeing that the words of tyranny should have power ("Dems/Leftists are the real racists"), and in the second by isolating themselves and agreeing that they should not have power ("Yes, I'm a racist/Nazi! So what?")

But eventually, after a lot of false starts and toing-and-froing, some sort of effective resistance against the White-on-White tyranny of Wokeism is bound to emerge. Here, in these pages, we have already had some worthwhile attempts to deconstruct the juggernaut going back several years:
There are no doubt others that I have missed. 

These are mainly intellectual critiques. But a truly effective resistance against Wokeism is likely to take on a more unpredictable and populist form. With that observation in mind, my predictions are that the death of Wokeism will include some of the following elements:

  1. In Europe and elsewhere it will take on a form of anti-Americanism. Those using "woke" jargon will be denounced as lapdogs of the American Empire and its sick culture, and accused of resorting to "American words" when they make their usual power plays. They will be associated with America's Globohomo Imperium. This is not as unlikely as it may sound to some Americans because it is undeniable that Wokeism is all part and parcel of US attempts at globally projecting its "anti-cultural" power.
  2. Anti-Wokeism will also increasingly focus on wokeism as nothing more than a tool of oppression. Already non-woke, straight, male cisgender Whites are the most oppressed group in Western societies. This has been masked by their ability to cope with and overcome this imposed and artificial handicap. But, in recent years we have seen the oppression escalate to the point where it is really starting to bite not just the core group but also adjacent groups like gay Whites and White females. Even the White exploiters of the tyrannical mechanism must be increasingly ambivalent about its benefits to them, as the power they gain from it ultimately works to undermine and destroy them. 
  3. In America the two trends above will be weaker, because that country is the font of this poison and, in certain important respects, Wokeism serves as a useful social cement for what is in reality a deeply fragmented and asymmetrical society. However, the ongoing underclass replacement that we see in America, where Hispanics have been pushing out Blacks, will highlight the Black Underclass-White Leftist Upper-class synergy that has always been at the heart of Wokeism. In short, Wokeism in America will be perceived as a class problem
  4. As a result of this, Authentic Black nationalists will become more aware of how they have been weaponised and used to serve inter-White power struggles. They will respond by working to "decolonize" Black identity politics from White Leftist elite control, and instead seek synergy, Malcom-X-style, with legitimate identitarian groups in American society.


  1. Number 2 can already be seen happening as feminists are being crushed by the trans lobby and finding themselves going from favored pets and darlings of the media and corporate powers to now the new nazis to be marginalized, even in their own lifetimes (a sign of how change can accelerate). Along with this we see LGB groups (notably cutting out the T)forming, with predicted controversy and exclusion by powers that be, and the TERFs in reaction. Clearly not a stable situation, yet the power and wealth holders continue to push hard on the most woke direction. Yesterday's "woke warriors" are essentially doomed as what made them succeed in the past was the support that now has shifted to their new enemies.

    People might think these predictions are far fetched at first but they could easily be very close to the truth and happen within our own lifetimes.

  2. I don't know the answer. But what I have noticed is that Wokeism has to keep on moving, moving on to the next big cause to recreate the dividing lines between the Woke and the Rest. Gay marriage was only a few years ago not a cause believed in by many of the woke at all. They all all of a sudden started to believe in it, and demanded compliance from the Rest. Then not happy with that, they moved onto Transgenderism, once again a cause the Woke themselves did not believe in until a couple of years ago. Each time, you think, "maybe this will be a bridge too far?" and yet it never seems to be, as they control the media. So what will they move on to next? My theory is racial dysphoria will be next - 50 year old white man can become, not just 50 year old white transwomen, but 5 year old black girls, simply by saying that they are. And the blacks will not like seeing the large numbers of white people who will claim to be black and demand privileges. Could there be a point where the whole thing collapses in on itself? Or maybe our societies genuinely deserve to die?

  3. The bridge too far will be the normalization of pedophilia. This has been a goal of the elite for some time now. Theyve attempted several times in different ways to do this, and always met with backlash., but they have so much momentum now that theyre likely getting close to a point they can pull it off. When they really start going for it, thats when the mouthpieces in the media will beat the drum of acceptance and I cant fathom them succeeding in getting enough people, even wokesters to jump on that wagon. Thats my guess as to when it dies.


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